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India. A great employment and business destination. Abundance of opportunity. Abundance of skilled people. Soft skills. Customer engagement skills. Domain skills. Technical skills. Yet, very little to boast of life skills! Ever heard of Personal Finance Management at school or college, or for that matter even at home or your work place? This cardinal question lingered in a small group of four professionals, accomplished in their respective areas of specialization. What started as simple automation of the mundane, evolved over the years with a lot of research, development and practical achievements, as a holistic program on Personal Finance Management – the quintessential life skill, relevant to all age groups and every stratum of the society. Be it for individuals, focus groups or the corporate in general. Mspace is uniquely positioned to address this lack of education in the most important skill through its flagship program. Call it Personal Finance Management, or Financial Independence, or simply Liberation!

Sandeep, Co-Founder​
Thinker . Dreamer . Leader​

A master of life-skills, Sandeep comes with a great attention to the cardinal. He firmly believes in getting the basics right to become an achiever. An Engineer by foundation and a personal finance guru by virtue, he has evolved over his twenty years in the industry into an enabler for hundreds if not thousands of individuals. He started with a dream of taking the quintessential life-skill – Personal Finance Management to the average Indian, demystifying it and enabling Financial Independence. He has researched extensively and has been instrumental in developing the working model for Mspace. He has led various teams in his 20 years in the IT industry during his stints with Fortune 100 companies. He spearheads Delivery for Mspace.



Naresh, Co-Founder​​
Task master . Executive . Transformist

If “Task Master, Executive, Transformist” is not enough to define Naresh, his work ethic and approach to every task will. Spearheading operations for Mspace, Naresh is the engine and the heart of Mspace. Naresh has shaped the entire operating model that works behind the scenes – touching the lives of scores of customers of Mspace. He has spent over 20 years in IT operations, leading large teams and Centers of Excellence. An engineer by foundation, he has a very keen eye on detail and is the go-to man for productising great ideas and creating sustainable models.

Aravinda, Co-Founder​​​
Artist . Futurist . Architect​

Product excellence, quality, superior user experience and raising the bar every time – a day in the life of Aravinda, our leader of technology. Having worked in Fortune 100 companies for two decades, playing a very important role in future-proofing applications and products, particularly on the user experience area, Aravinda brings the best practices of software development life-cycle to spearhead all our technology efforts. He leads a team of core developers, mathematicians, statisticians, analysts, security specialists and testers, each one cherry picked to deliver value. Aravinda is probably an engineer by chance, but an artist by choice. He is a very accomplished Bharatnatyam exponent and is married to the theatre, reflecting art in everything he does.



Venkat, Co-Founder​​​​
Strategist . Evangelist . Innovator

A billion people, each one unique. Almost as if he only belongs to our customers, Venkat brings two decades of various forms of customer interaction – customer service, presales, sales, marketing and product management. Having donned the roles of CTO to product head to pre-sales head with leading Indian and Multinational brands, he brings with him a unique blend of provider and end user experiences which add tremendous value to the way we interact with our customers. He has an indefatigable urge to create market ready solutions for customers. He spearheads all marketing and go-to-market efforts for Mspace.