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Contemporary society is increasingly becoming monetary based, to an extent that money skill is now an essential life skill. The financial market has several products and services, ranging from boringly simple to bewilderingly complex. Low financial knowhow and pockets of misselling negate growth opportunities and eventually lead to stress.
Individuals & Families
Individuals & Families
Financial freedom, reduced stress & ability
to work beyond pay check
Motivated and engaged workforce & key
talent retention
Collateral benefits of financially aware &
secure citizens
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Wealth Creators, not Wealth Managers Educationists, not Advisors
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Holistic DIY programs to empower you in
achieving financial success
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Headquartered in Bangalore but virtually
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Customers Speak

Workshop is good, will come to know various financial aspects, which is hard to get in one place. Individual attention is a major plus.

- Ravi Yadlapati, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems

It was a happy accident that I met Sandeep while we were traveling. We casually started talking about things and as I got to know more things especially about finance, I attended the first workshop conducted by Mspace. I would say it was an eye opener for me. For people like me who do not understand economics at various levels, the workshop was very much informative in terms of concepts of personal finance . After the workshop the whole perspective of personal finance was changed. I would strongly recommend everyone to attend the workshop.

- Chandan C K, Software Engineer, Amazon

This course was a real eye opener for me. I have always struggled with planning my finances, this course and the tool made it look so simple. It would have been great to have something like this when I started working but I guess its never late to plan. This course and tool is worth every penny.

- Deepak Anekal, S Eng Manager, Cisco Systems

Workshop is thought provoking, insightful and offers simple diagnostic tools to determine financial health. It helps to set financial goal and realize how much risk is appropriate for investments. By establishing a simple and pragmatic plan for financial security, it frees you up to pursue your dreams.

- Sriranga Nadiger, Director, Hewlett-Packard

Brilliant! After the session, I was convinced that "Richness is a state of mind" and felt far less stressed (financially) once I took stock of my current financial status and future plans. The tool's approach of "goal driven growth" is very helpful and gave a realistic picture of my future needs and means. Thank you for the wonderful session. I would highly recommend this to my friends and colleagues.

- Sudhir S Sharma, Director, CGI

I wish I came upon this training and tool 10 years ago. Was so confused with so many financial products that often led to inaction and mistakes than confidence improving actionable plan. The tool is helping me build a simple, ground up plan, including risk reduction, consolidation of assets, and focus areas of improvement.

Knowing how much savings required and how much should it keep earning, helps to choose right instruments and reduces stress. Definitely recommend Realmspace and training to one and all, from students to retirees.

Disclaimer : My personal opinion. Not representing Oracle in any manner.

- Suneel Joshi, QA, Director, Oracle

It has been a life changing experience. This program has changed the way I have looked at personal finance and has given me a great boost of confidence. I now know where I am, where I want to be and what simple steps I need to take to achieve it. A complete sense of direction to an aimless runner. Thank you.

- Sunil Rai, AVP and Head of solutions, Essar Group

A great course to start your financial planning. A must have for happy financial life :-)

- Swapnil Bandekar, Software Engineer, Cisco Systems

I wish this program was there when I started working. Excellent insight into various investment options, risks, rewards, how they work. How to go about investing in a systematic structured manner. The biggest draw is you actually hear from somebody who's been there, done it successfully and could afford to give up a MNC management job at 40. Great program, whole heartedly recommend!!

- Venkat Venugopal, Director, Ericsson